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Can I upgrade my current Anghami Plus subscription to Gold?

Yes, Anghami Plus subscribers can upgrade to Gold and enjoy all the Gold features.

  • If you are subscribed via Google Play/iTunes: You can upgrade to Gold by going to your subscriptions page on Google Play/iTunes and clicking the "Upgrade to Gold" button.
  • If you are subscribed via your card directly: You can upgrade to Gold by going to the Anghami app, and selecting "Settings". Then, tap on "Subscription" and "Manage". Finally, tap on "Upgrade to Gold" and follow the instructions
  • If you are subscribed through your mobile operator credits: You will need to cancel your current subscription and then subscribe to Gold when your account is free


  • If you upgraded through Google Play: You will be prompted to pay the difference between your current plan and the new Gold plan
  • If you upgraded through iTunes: You will be refunded the remaining amount of the old subscription and pay the full amount of the new Gold plan
  • If you have a 6-month or a yearly Anghami Plus plan, you can upgrade to the yearly Gold plan and will start immediately
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