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Anghami Soundbox

Set the Sound for Your Business
With Anghami Soundbox, sync music seamlessly between all your shops and create an immersive atmosphere that truly resonates with your brand!

Why use Anghami Soundbox:

  1. Increase your sales by +10%
  2. Target the 78% of shoppers who enjoy music while shopping
  3. Influence customers' time spent on the premises

What are the Features & benefits:

  1. A vast music catalog: Handpick from an extensive selection of 4,000+ in-house curated playlists
  2. Multiple zones & background music: Schedule different music moods throughout the day and in different zones.                 
  3. Minimal staff involvement: Open the application, press play, and let Anghami Soundbox handle the rest. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser                                       
  4. Music Syncing: Shop owners can seamlessly sync music across multiple shops
  5. Calm & serene Prayer times: Auto-pause music during prayer times, resuming afterwards
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