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Anghami Plus Prices in Lebanon

Anghami Plus offers different subscription plans to cater to varying preferences. The pricing options are designed to provide flexibility and value for music enthusiasts. Currently, Anghami Plus offers monthly, 6-months, and yearly subscription plans in addition to Family plans and student plans. Check the prices of these subscriptions in Lebanon below:

  • Student plan: 2.49$
  • Monthly plan: 4.99$
  • 6 months plan: 24.99$
  • Yearly Plan: 49.9$
  • Monthly Family plan: 7.49$
  • Yearly Family plan: 74.99$

> More details about the family plan:

> More details about the student plan:

You have multiple payment options to subscribe:

  1. USD Fresh Card: Easily pay for your Anghami Plus subscription using your USD Fresh Card at

  2. Vouchers (LBP/USD): Purchase a voucher from various authorized retailers such as Toters, Whish, LibanPost, Class and Cash United. These vouchers can be redeemed to activate your Anghami Plus subscription hassle-free.

For more information or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us from the App!

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