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كيف يمكننا أن نساعدك؟

Comment pourrions nous vous aider?

Wajeez AudioBooks

Learning can be fun with Wajeez’s 15 mins summarized titles of audiobooks, International Novels & more delivered in Arabic audio

Enjoy all Wajeez content on Anghami & explore a new fun way of learning

What kind of content can I find?

You can choose audiobooks among different categories like Business, education, society & culture, and many more

For more check here:

How can I subscribe?

Access this link then tap on " Subscribe now ". The monthly subscription is for 9.99 USD and it renews automatically

You can pay with your card directly or Google Play/iTunes store

For more information, feel free to contact us via mobile app or send us an email at


NB: The subscription is for 1.5$ in Egypt only

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