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Anghami Amazon Offer T&C

Anghami Amazon 6 months free offer

🚩 Please read these terms carefully and in full. They contain certain conditions and restrictions on the availability and use of the Anghami Plus and Amazon 6-month free offer, including what happens after your free trial period ends.

Terms & Conditions:

1- Introduction

The Anghami Plus promotion offered to Amazon Prime members [in the UAE and KSA]  as described below is made available by Anghami (as defined in the Anghami Terms of Use) ("Anghami Terms of Use").

2- The Anghami - Prime Promotion

Anghami offers eligible Amazon Prime Members an Anghami Plus subscription free of charge for the first six (6) months (the “Free Trial Period”) and at a fifty percent (50%) discount (excluding taxes) for the following six (6) months (the “Discount Period”) (the “Anghami – Prime Promotion”), provided the Amazon Prime Member maintains an active Prime Membership in UAE or KSA during this period.

3- Eligibility

This offer is strictly valid for Anghami Free users in KSA and UAE who have an active Amazon Prime membership on or If your Prime membership ends, your Anghami – Prime Promotion will be automatically canceled.

4- Payment and Redemption

  • Anghami will apply the promotion at the time of offer redemption on Anghami’s site after submitting valid payment details that are accepted by Anghami: a valid Debit/Credit Card issued in the UAE or KSA.
  • Your Card will not be charged until the Free Trial Period ends, you can cancel at any time.
  • After the Free Trial Period, you will automatically be charged monthly for the 6 months of the Discount Period at a fifty percent (50%) discount on the then-current monthly price of Anghami Plus and the payment method you provided will automatically be charged that amount unless you cancel prior to the end of the Free Trial Period. After the Discount Period, you will be charged then the current full monthly price of Anghami Plus. If you cancel, you will lose access to Anghami Plus and your account will switch to an Anghami Free account.
  • The Anghami - Prime Promotion may only be availed once per Amazon Prime member and can only be redeemed on one Anghami account (existing or newly registered) that is not subscribed to Anghami Plus at the time of redemption.
  • The discount or trial cannot be converted into cash or claimed (other than for Anghami Plus subscriptions on or through Anghami’s site as part of the Anghami - Prime Promotion).
  • The Anghami - Prime Promotion is exclusively provided by Anghami and is subject to these terms and conditions. Amazon has no responsibility for, or control over, the Anghami - Prime Promotion or other products and services provided by Anghami.

By submitting your payment details: (i) you accept and agree to these terms and conditions; and (ii) acknowledge and agree to the Anghami Terms of Use. All information collected by Anghami under this Anghami Plus subscription will be processed in accordance with our privacy policy as per the Anghami Terms of Use.

5- Cancellation and Termination

Anghami has the right to stop extending this promotion to customers at any point without prior notice.

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