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📢Updates about the Anghami Plus offer for Amazon Prime members

Q: Where has the Anghami Plus offer for Prime members gone?
A: The Anghami Plus Offer for Amazon Prime members in Saudi Arabia and the UAE was an exclusive limited time offer, which has ended.

Q: Will customers who already redeemed the Prime x Anghami Plus offer still be able to enjoy it?
A: Prime members in Saudi Arabia and the UAE who have already redeemed the offer on will continue to enjoy it for the remainder of their offer period, with no disruption in service. However Prime members who have not redeemed the offer yet, will not be able to do so moving forward.

Q: How can I subscribe to Anghami Plus?
A: You can always visit our app or website: to discover all our plans and offers. If you’re new to Anghami Plus, you can even benefit from a 1-month free trial.

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