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Music Pauses Suddenly

The music stops when the screen is locked or pauses while listening

If your Android device is experiencing limitations in the background while the screen is locked or while playing music in the background, you can resolve this issue by adjusting your phone settings based on your device type. Consider the following solutions:


  •  Settings -> Apps -> Anghami -> Battery -> Battery optimization -> All apps -> Anghami -> Don’t optimize


  • Turn off System settings -> Battery -> Battery optimization, switch to ‘All apps’ in top right menu -> Anghami -> Don’t optimize


  • Phone settings -> Battery -> App launch and then set Anghami to “Manage manually” and make sure everything is turned on


  • Pin Anghami to the recent apps screen -> Enable Anghami in the app list inside the security app’s “startup manager” and “floating app list” ->Turn off battery optimizations -> Give the service a persistent notification to remain in the foreground

If following these steps did not solve the issue on your device and the music is still stopping while in the background or the screen is locked, please visit

You can contact us from the app / Your library / settings / Help center / Contact Us.

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