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How to use Anghami Abroad / Outside MENA region?

If you’re leaving your country or planning a dream vacation, you’ll want to be able to stream your music throughout the trip. Of course, Anghami is great while on long bus or train rides or while waiting for a delayed flight.  But a vacation playlist is also a great way to boost your mood throughout the journey.

Only Traveling Abroad for Two Weeks or Less?

First, if your dream holiday is a two-week trip to a country outside the MENA region then you’re good to go if you are on Anghami Free plan. Free users can enjoy the service abroad for up to 14 days and listen to their music while connected to the internet. 

Traveling Abroad for Longer Than Two Weeks?

After staying abroad for more than 2 weeks, your app settings will be updated upon the new country regulations and the restrictions of content and account type will be applied. You won't be able to stream international catalogue outside MENA region upon our agreements with the labels and your account should be on Anghami Plus to keep using the app. If you are on Anghami Plus already then you are covered! 

  • Learn more about the Restriction App usage outside MENA region in our other FAQ
  • If you are on the Free plan, subscribe now from to use the app outside the MENA region. 

Enjoy Anghami Abroad to Improve Your Travels

Create your trip playlists to play them while at the airport or in the country you are heading to for added memories.  Anghami will always be recommending you songs to play! you are always in safe hands with us wherever you go! 

By doing this, you will be able to look back on these playlists and remember the trip long after it’s over.  While you’re sitting in the office months after your trip, a song will transport you back to a beach in Spain.

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