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How to use Anghami Abroad / Outside MENA region?

Whether you're embarking on a journey to another land or planning your dream holiday, having the ability to stream music throughout your trip is a must. While Anghami is an excellent choice for passing time during long bus or train rides, or when waiting for a delayed flight, curating a vacation playlist can also do wonders for uplifting your spirits during the voyage.

Only Traveling Abroad for Two Weeks or Less?
Initially, if your ideal vacation spans two weeks in a country beyond the MENA region, then you’re good to go if you are on Anghami Free plan. Free users can enjoy the service abroad for up to 14 days and indulge in their favorite music as long as they remain connected to the internet.

Traveling Abroad for Longer Than Two Weeks?
If you happen to remain overseas for more than 14 days, your app settings will be adjusted according to the regulations of the country you're visiting, resulting in content restrictions and account type limitations being enforced. Consequently, you'll be unable to stream the international music catalog outside the MENA region as per our agreements with the music labels. To continue using the app, you'll need to have an Anghami Plus account. However, if you're already subscribed to Anghami Plus, you'll be fully covered.

  • Learn more about Restriction App usage outside the MENA region in our other FAQ
  • If you are on the Free plan, subscribe now from to use the app outside the MENA region. 
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