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You canceled but you have been charged

You cancelled but you've been charged afterwards? 

If you have got another charge after cancelling your subscription, you may check your subscription status from the app settings:  

  1. If the subscription shows free, the amount is not being charged for this account. These charges are likely from another account that has an active subscription of Anghami Plus. Check your other accounts or cancel the subscription to avoid any next renewal.
  2. If the subscription shows you're on Anghami Plus, repeat the same process again to cancel your current subscription and ensure you reach the final confirmation screen.
  3. If the subscription shows you have Anghami Plus provided by your Mobile operator, you may need to follow the instructions to cancel this subscription or to contact directly your operator to cancel directly. 


  • You should have been cancelled 2 days prior to the renewal date. 
  • To cancel your subscription, you need to go to the app Settings > Manage subscription > Cancel Subscription. 
  • If you could not find your second subscribed again, contact us directly from My Music / ? / Contact and attach a screenshot of the latest receipt you received to help you cancel. 
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