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Upgrade your current plan to yearly or Family

Change from Monthly to Yearly or Family

You can change your Anghami Plus plan at any time from Individual to Family or from Monthly to Yearly by canceling first your current subscription and then waiting until it expires. After your account switches to Free, go to the subscribe screen in the Mobile app or any device you are currently using and pick the new plan you want to opt into. 

  • To cancel your current subscription, go to the app Settings > Manage subscription > Cancel subscription and follow the steps of cancellation based on the payment method you used previously to subscribe. 
  • To subscribe to the new plan afterward, go to the app settings and tap on subscribe. You will be redirected to the subscribe screen where you can pick the new plan you want to be on. You can as well visit our subscribe page on our website 

If you find any difficulty in canceling or subscribing again to the new plan, do not hesitate to contact us directly from the mobile app / Your library / settings / Help center / Contact Us 

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