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📱 Subscribe To Family Plan Via Asiacell - Iraq

Subscribe to Family plan using your Asiacell- Iraq credits

Now, it's easy for Asiacell- Iraq subscribers to opt into the Family plan using their Mobile credits as a payment method.

What is the Family plan? 

For just 8700 IQD/ month, you and 5 lucky people can now enjoy the Anghami Plus Family Plan. If your family loves music, you can now all subscribe to the Anghami Family plan. The family plan regroups up to six accounts on a single subscription. The best thing is, each person will have their own individual account, with their own libraries, recommendations, playlists, and likes. It works on all your devices!

How to subscribe using your Asiacell line: 

Send via SMS F to 4143

Also, can follow these steps

  1. Go to this page
  2. Enter your Asiacell phone number
  3. Enter the verification code 
  4. Ta-da! your account is now on Family plan. 

Family Plan terms and conditions:

  • Total of 6 accounts
  • This offer is only available for eligible users *conditions apply
  • No trial available for the Family Plan
  • The refund policy is not applicable for this offer
  • Anghami or Viva has the right to stop this offer anytime without prior notice
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