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How to customize your profile?

You can customize your profile manually or connect your profile to Facebook so we fill in your personal data right away! Enter your correct details and upload a profile picture for your friends to recognize and follow you. 

Customize your profile

  1. From the mobile app, go to Settings > Tap on your name.
  2. Press on Edit profile button and you’ll be able to:
    • Change your profile photo
    • Switch your profile to Private
    • Fill in your personal details 
    • Write a Personal Biography
  3. Click or tap Save changes

Additional tips for updating your profile

  • Photos can be in any of the following formats: JPG, BMP, or PNG
  • The artists you pick are very important! it will help us recommend you songs you like. Choose them wisely! 
  • Entering your birthdate will help us greet you on your birthday and to get discounts for offers. Enter it correctly! 


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