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iTunes is unreachable when Restoring the subscription from app

iTunes is unreachable when Restoring the subscription from app

When restoring the subscription from the app settings / Subscriptions/ Restore your last purchase and you get that the app store is unreachable, please follow the below instructions:

  1. First, double-check that you have an active subscription on your iTunes subscription
  2. Check the system status page: Check Apple’s System Status page to see if there’s an outage for a service in your country or region.
  3. Make sure that your device is connected to the Internet
  4. If you use cellular service to connect to the Internet on your iPhone make sure that you have cellular data turned on for Anghami. To do this, open the Settings app, tap Cellular, then turn on Cellular Data.
  5. Update your software: Update to the latest version of then try to connect again.
  6. Check the date and time:  Make sure that the date and time on your device are set correctly for your time zone. If the date and time are incorrect, update them or turn on the option to set date and time automatically and try again.


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