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أهلاً بك كيف يمكننا أن نساعدك؟

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🆕 Offers for the Holidays are now here!

Benefit now from our amazing offers for the Holidays!

You can subscribe directly from the Mobile app from the Subscribe screen via your application stores iTunes/ or Google Play or from our website using a Credit card or PayPal 

Check them out now https://plus.anghami.com/subscribe/plans 

Terms and conditions of this offer: 

  1. The payment methods available for this offer are by iTunes / or Google Play from our Mobile app or Credit Card and Paypal from our website. 
  2. The Offer is available to active users 
  3. The account which was subscribed for the past 30 days won't be eligible for the main offer. different offers will be available for them. Check them out from the subscribe pages via Mobile or web. 
  4. Refund policy is not applicable for this offer
  5. The renewal after 3 months will be on the original price 4.9$ /month
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