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Upload your own music and sync to Mobile

Make all your music in one place! 

Apart from our library of over 30 million songs, you now have the option to upload music files stored on your computer to your account, which can be played on all your devices. These files are referred to as "Local Files," and it's the simplest way to access and play music files that are saved on your desktop from any device, including your mobile app.

▶ Notes before you begin:

  • This feature isn't available for non-Anghami Plus subscribers
  • If you still haven't downloaded our Desktop Client app on your computer, do it from Here 
  • You'll need to convert any uncompressed files into .mp3 before uploading
  • If after uploading your own music to the desktop app you’re still unable to view it on Mobile App /tablet or any device you use, check the following:

         1. You're logged in to the same account on both your desktop and your mobile or tablet.
         2. You have the latest version of the Anghami app installed.

 ⬆ Add Local files

  1. From the Desktop Anghami client, go to Upload Your Music
  2. Choose the folder that you wish to upload
  3. Wait till the process completes
  4. Go to your Playlists and check it


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