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🚩 Referral program is discontinued. Start your FREE trial!

Referral to get Anghami Plus for FREE had been discontinued

Our users who did not wish to subscribe to Anghami used to get Anghami Plus for FREE by inviting their new friends from the app from Friends screen. This referral program has been stopped but you can still get your Free trial to try Anghami Plus and it is for FREE too.

How to get a Free trial?  

From Application store

You can start your FREE trial directly from the Mobile app via iTunes /or Google Play. 

➤ From your Operator 

We succeeded to get many operators to offer you Free trials with the bundles so you can try Anghami Plus. Check our Subscription Help category > Ways to subscribe for further details about your operators and bundles.


  • Each account is eligible for 1 Free trial via iTunes or Google Play. If it's used earlier, your account will be charged instantly for the monthly plan. 
  • The Free trial through your operator is different from your Application store. You can benefit from it regardless if you used another trial through your application store. 
  • If the auto-renewal is not canceled, your subscription will renew automatically. If the trial is canceled, the subscription will stop right away on the account. 
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