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🚩 Restriction App usage outside MENA region

Restriction App usage outside MENA region

We really would have loved to keep giving you All the music for Free if we don't pay for it but we support the artists and we pay them to bring the music legally. Unfortunately, we can't keep providing you free music without ads and without you subscribing to Anghami Plus. We have done it for a long time to make you happy but Music isn't free, we pay royalties to artists and their labels.

On the Free plan in the Middle East, we can add ads to help us pay those royalties as it is the target of our ad sponsors. For this reason, We are obliged to make the app available only for Anghami Plus subscribers in your region. 

You can start your Free trial and enjoy all the music with the Plus features if you haven’t used it earlier or subscribe again to Anghami Plus to use the app in your region.  

We hope you decide to support the artists to keep bringing you new music and songs to your day! 

To subscribe to Anghami Plus or to start your FREE trial, Please tap on the subscribe button in the mobile app or visit our subscription page 

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