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I Tried To Restore my iTunes subscription and Got The Message "Regrant Failed."

This error message is caused when using two different Apple ID’s when downloading the app and trying to restore your previous purchase.

Causes of getting 'Regrant Failed'

  • It is possible you downloaded Anghami using one Apple ID, and then later on logged in to your current device with another Apple ID and tried to make the purchase.
  • Another possibility is that you downloaded and purchased the subscription using one Apple ID and now you are logged in to another Apple ID, hence the error message. This issue is not caused by Anghami, but by Apple itself.
To fix this, you can follow the suggestions in either of these two options:
  • Option 1: Delete the app from your device and log out from the App Store as well. Locate the Apple ID you’ve used to purchase Anghami Plus. Login to App Store using that ID, re-download the app. You can now Restore Purchase on the Anghami app. 
  • Option 2: Instead of using the Restore Purchase option, you can just go ahead with the Subscribe option once you determine which Apple ID holds your purchase. The store remembers that you have already subscribed. As long as you're using the same Apple ID that you used when you originally subscribed, you will not be charged again. You should see benefits after this. You might need to delete and reinstall the app once you are logged in to the correct Apple ID account.

If those instructions could not fix this issue and you're still getting this message, please communicate directly with iTunes to check and fix what's happening at your end to be able to activate/restore your subscription on your Anghami account. 

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