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➥ Anghami on Amazon Alexa

Enjoy a new experience to listen to music from Anghami!

Anghami skill now offers a new interactive way to stream your favorite music over Alexa devices.

Get started

  1. All you want to do is enable Anghami skill on your Alexa device.
  2. Link your Anghami account.
  3. Start your conversation by saying "Alexa, start Anghami music" and the skill will welcome you.


  • You need to spell the invocation name as "Angami music" instead of "Anghami music" for Alexa to recognize the skill.
  • You need your account to be subscribed to Anghami Plus to listen to Anghami with Alexa.

To play any song/album/artist/playlist/radio... from Anghami library you can say "Alexa, ask Anghami music" and continue with your request. For example, you can say " Alexa, ask Anghami music to play hello by Adele" or "Alexa, ask Anghami music to play music from my likes" etc.
Of course, you can also say skip, previous, shuffle, and more of Alexa's music commands.
Have a joyful and loud conversation.


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