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How does Anghami generate and pay out royalties

① How is the revenue model at Anghami?

At Anghami, the revenue model is based on Pro-rata, where the company earns revenue from Advertising and Subscriptions. To ensure fairness, 50% of the total revenue generated is shared with all artists and labels. Your individual share of this revenue is calculated based on your Pro-rata share, which is determined by dividing your total accountable streams by the total streams for all labels, then multiplying by 100. This percentage is used to calculate your share of both subscription and advertising revenues, which are displayed under "Net monthly revenue" and "Advertising revenue," respectively. However, keep in mind that 8% of publishing rights are deducted from your revenue to be paid to publishing rights companies such as SACEM. To view your revenue, navigate to the Dashboard and click on Reports, then select Financial Report. Your net revenue will be displayed under "Net Revenue for #yourName#."

② How do I get my royalties?
At present, there is no automatic system in place to receive your royalties directly from the Dashboard. However, once your earnings exceed USD $500, you may email an invoice to that includes your bank transfer information. Within 30 to 45 days of the invoice date, we will transfer the funds to your bank account.

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