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How does Anghami generate and pay out royalties

① How is the revenue model at Anghami?
The revenue model at Anghami is based on Pro-rata. Anghami generates revenues from Advertising and Subscriptions and as a standard shares 50% of these revenues with all artists and labels.
Each artist/label get their own part of these revenues based on their Pro-rata share. The Pro-rata share is calculated as such: Your total accountable streams divided by the total streams for all labels, times 100. This percentage determines your share of the subscription and advertising revenues.
Your revenue from subscriptions is listed next to “Net monthly revenue”.
Your revenue from advertising is listed next to “Advertising revenue”.
In the end, 8% for publishing rights are deducted from your revenues to be paid to publishing rights companies such as SACEM.
Your revenue is display under “Net Revenue for #yourName#”.
You can check your revenues on Dashboard under Reports -> Financial Report.

② How do I get my royalties?
Currently, there is no automated process to get your royalties directly from Dashboard.
Once your total revenues reach USD $500, you can send us an invoice to including your bank transfer details, then we will transfer the amount to your bank account within 30 days from the invoice date.

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