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How to upload my album?

Once logged in to your Dashboard account, go to Upload Media then choose Upload Album.

Needed files:

  • Audio:
    • MP3 or WAV
    • Bit rate: 320 Kbps
    • Sample Rate: 44,100 Hz
    • Channels: Stereo
  • Cover Image:
    • JPG or PNG
    • Square
    • Preferably 1000x1000

Note: Your audio files and image should be free from any advertisement, voice over, branding, and social media logos. Otherwise your song might be rejected.

Mandatory fields:

  1. Album Language: Arabic or International
  2. Album Type. For more details, you can check the section “What are Song/Album Types?”
  3. Upload your Audio files
  4. Upload your Cover Image
  5. Add the Song Names in English letters
  6. For label accounts only: add the Artist Name
  7. Choose a Genre that truly reflects the album style
  8. Release Date: add the date when your album was first published on any platform
  9. For Arabic albums only: add the Song Names in Arabic.
    If needed, add the Artist Name in Arabic.

Optional fields: 

  • Explicit: only in case your album contains songs with explicit words (swearing) 
    1. ISRC: this is an optional field. You can submit your album without necessarily adding an ISRC code for the songs.
    2. Release Time: add a time in case you wish to schedule your album release at a specific time in the future.
    3. Album UPC: this is an optional field. You can submit your album without necessarily adding a UPC code.
    4. For label accounts only:
      1. Various Artists: only in case your album contains more than 1 artist


  • Multi-Language: in case your album contains English and Arabic songs
  • Multi-genre: in case your album contains songs each having a specific genre/style. 

If you’re having trouble submitting your album, kindly check the Troubleshooting Errors section in this FAQ.

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