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How can i link my Facebook page to my Artist profile?

Once you're signed into your Dashboard account, click on “My Artist Profile”.

Under Social Info, you can add the handle of your public Facebook Page next to “”. Kindly make sure not to add your private Facebook profile in order for the linking to work properly. To ensure the Facebook link you added is valid, kindly click on “Go to Facebook page” and check if the link opened redirects to your page. If not, kindly double check the Facebook handle you entered.

In case you wish to use your Facebook page image as your Anghami artist picture, you can scroll to the top of the page and click on “Use picture from Facebook Page as default artist picture”.

After making your changes, make sure to click on  Update Profile when finished.

Your change request will be sent to us and reviewed within 2 working days. The status of your changes (approval or rejection) will be sent to you by email.

If your change request is approved from our side, your Facebook page photos will also appear on your Anghami artist page.

If you’re having trouble adding your Facebook page, kindly contact us by pressing HELP on the dashboard page for further assistance.

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