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Why does Anghami need these App permissions?

To take full advantage of Anghami mobile app’ features, it is necessary to grant the app certain permissions on your Android or iOS device upon installation. Below you will find a complete list of what permissions are requested and why exactly we ask for such.

All permissions are prompted for approval when in-app actions actually require them. Any new permissions we require would be requested when the new feature is used within the app. You can revoke granted permissions at any time by navigating to phone settings > Anghami.

  • Camera: The camera permission allows the QR scanner to login to other devices for an immediate login or to scan a promotional code to redeem it. It allows you as well to take a photo of you in profile set-up and to create Video Expression for any song you want. 
  • Contacts: To import your contacts into the app to invite them to our app and to get Anghami Plus for FREE. 
  • SMS: To receive the verification code while verifying your phone number.
  • Storage: To cache images and data for album cover art and your downloads.
  • Full network access: This allows your device to connect to Anghami via a Wifi network or cellular data.
  • Notifications: This permission allows to receive push notifications for any new release for your favorite artist.  
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