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Prepaid card subscriptions

Buy a prepaid card of Anghami Plus 

Anghami Plus prepaid cards are vouchers sold in various retail outlets. You can use them to subscribe to Anghami and to start benefiting from All the amazing features that come with it like downloading with NO limits and remove ads, viewing lyrics, scrub/reply/rewind in the player. 

Buy our vouchers directly from

➤ Egypt: Fawry

To find Fawry reseller in Egypt, please click Here 

➤ Lebanon: Moneygram (CashUnited) - BoB Finance - Whish - Libanpost - Toters - Class


➤ Other countries in MENA: CashU and OneCard. 

To find OneCard distributor in your country, please click  HERE
To find  CashU resellers in your country, please click Here

 Learn more about how to redeem your code from Redeeming Promocodes section under Subscription Help


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