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Family Plan subscription

Give your family the ultimate Anghami Plus experience! Get the Family Plan for just $7.49/month. With one subscription, bring together up to six accounts, each with personalized music libraries, recommendations, and playlists.

How to subscribe using the mobile App:

Open your Anghami Android or iOS app:

  • Tap on Settings
  • Tap on Subscribe to Anghami Plus
  • The “Family Plan” will appear if you’re eligible
  • Tap Subscribe now

How to subscribe on the Web:

  • Visit and log in with your account
  • From the menu, tap on Subscribe to Anghami Plus
  • In the table, pick the family plan and choose to Subscribe
  • Enter your credit card details

How to invite other members to join your family plan:

Check this:

 Payment Options:

  • iTunes/or Google Play from the Mobile app directly
  • Credit card through

Family Plan terms and conditions:

  • It is not allowed to resell any of your family plan members to any other user
  • The family plan should only be used by family members who live in the same household
  • A total of 6 accounts
  • This offer is only available for eligible users *conditions apply
  • Anghami has the right to stop this offer at any time without prior notice
  • Family Plan in EG $4
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