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1-Month Subscription

Upgrade Your Music Listening Experience

With Anghami Plus, you will be having a full experience to ALL Anghami Features like downloading your favorite songs and listen to them while offline with no interruptions of ads. Moreover, you can view the lyrics of the songs you are listening to and link your account to any speaker like Sonos.

How to Subscribe 

You can subscribe in lots of ways. iOS users are advised to login to the website for more payment methods than iTunes in-app. 

To check the payment methods available for you: 

  1. Login with your account in-App or 
  2. Tap on Subscribe
  3. Pick the 1-month offer
  4. Choose the payment method you want
  5. Follow the steps and you’re done!

Payment Options

  • iTunes/or Google Play from the Mobile app directly
  • Credit card from Android App or from the website
  • PayPal from the website 
  • By Mobile credits - Find your operator on or Ways to Subscribe section. 

Our subscription is auto-renewable, but you can cancel your subscription anytime before 48 hours of the automatic renewal. Please note, that the subscription doesn't end immediately upon cancellation. It will be canceled at the end of your current subscription cycle.

If you're opted-in via your Mobile operator, the subscription will be canceled instantly and your account will switch to FREE at once. 

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