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How do i create an account?

You can use the app without registering an account but it is highly recommended to create one. Below are the benefits of creating an account: 

  1.  Save your Likes, playlists and everything you do on an accessible account.
  2. You can log in with the account on Webplayer or any device you want. 


Registering an account on Anghami is very easy! You can signup using an email address, or any social media account and start listening to your favorite songs from more than 30+ million Arabic and international. 

Sign up with your email address


  1. Go to anghami.com or open your app
  2. Tap New to Anghami
  3. Press on Sign up with email 
  4. Fill in your email address, name, date of birth and other details 
  5. Click on Create an account 
  6. Check your Email inbox and activate your account

Sign up with your Facebook/Twitter/ Google accounts

  1. Go to anghami.com or open your app and tap Sign up
  2. Tap New to Anghami
  3. Choose Facebook/Google/Twitter 
  4. Enter your Facebook/Google account details
  5. Note: Your device may automatically recognize your credentials if you are logged in on Facebook/Google/Twitter. 
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