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➥ Using Anghami on Samsung Multiroom system

Anghami with Samsung Multiroom system: Sit anywhere and experience the same great sound quality from every angle

Get ready to enjoy playing your favorite music on your Samsung Wireless speaker. first, you need to install Samsung Multiroom app on your device to control your speakers and then connect it to Anghami. Please note that Free Anghami accounts cannot stream music to Samsung Wireless speakers. This is a special feature included with Anghami subscribed accounts.

Setting up Multiroom App

You will need to install the Multiroom App on your Android or iOS device. 

  • Click here to download the app for an Android device.
  • Click here to download the app for an iOS device.

If you have any issues downloading/using Samsung Multiroom app, we recommend contacting Samsung customer support directly to help you fix it.  

 Connecting Anghami to your Multiroom App

  1. Open Samsung Multiroom App and click on Source
  2. Under Music services, tap on more and Select Anghami
  3. You will need to have Anghami Plus on your account in order to stream 
  4. You will be redirected to Anghami App 
  5. Select the song you want to listen to and Voila! 
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