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Buy Anghami Plus cards from Fawry - Egypt

Now, our Egypt users can subscribe to Anghami Plus very easily by purchasing any voucher code from Fawry branches and redeem it on their accounts. As simple as that! 
This section contains answers to those Questions:      
  1. How can I find a distributor of Fawry in Egypt
  2. What are the available Anghami Plus cards in Fawry? 
  3. How can I subscribe to Anghami Plus via Fawry?


 1. How can I find a reseller of Fawry in Egypt? 

To find Fawry reseller in Egypt, go to 
2. What are the available Anghami Plus cards in Fawry? 
The available Anghami Plus cards are:
  • 1 week for 20.00 EGP
  • 1 month for 50.00 EGP
  • 6 months for 280.00 EGP
  • 12 months for 550.00 EGP
3. How can I redeem the code after purchasing Fawry card? 
After purchasing your card from Fawry, you can now redeem the promocode on your Anghami account. 
From the website:
1- Login to your account on Anghami website:
2- Enter the Promocode you have handy and Confirm
From your mobile device:
1- From your device go to  Your library > Settings > Redeem promo code
2- Enter the Promocode you have handy and Confirm
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