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I'm an Artist. How do I publish the music I own on Anghami?

To get your licensed music up on Anghami, you can register an account on Anghami for Artists by following the below steps:

  1.     Go to and click on ‘sign up’
  2.     Choose your account type as ‘Artist’
  3.     Select your Music Language ‘Arabic’ or ‘International’.
  4.     Enter your artist name
  5.     Enter the requirements:
  6. a)     First Name and Last Name (as written on your passport)
  7. b)    Your Email Address
  8. c)     Your Mobile Number
  9. d)    Your password. It should contain at least 6 characters and containing at least 2 numbers.
  10. e)     Click on ‘Create my Account’.

Your account will be activated within 2 working days, you will be informed of the status of the activation by email.

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