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Create your Anghami Expressions video

Creating your Anghami Expressions is super easy!

To create your video, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose your favorite song on Anghami
  2. Click on share and then create Anghami Expressions
  3. Choose 20 seconds of the song and start singing
  4. Spice your video up with a sticker and Filter
  5. You can add a caption to your video
  6. Post your video on your Anghami Profile or your social media accounts.

Let your personality show through

Anghami Expressions is not all about successfully mimicking lyrics. Personality plays a big role in performance. Allow your unique personality to show through your video.

  • If you tend to be a comedic type, go for funny. Wear a goofy outfit. Use intentionally awkward dance moves. Pick a song that's lighthearted and fun.
  • If you're a more reserved type, try choosing a more serious song. Try to convey your emotional connection by maintaining a reserved attitude during your performance.
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