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Advertising Solutions

Display Ads:

Anghami follows the IAB standards by offering 3 different mobile sizes :

  • Mobile Leaderboard 320x50
  • MPU : 300x250
  • Mobile interstitial 320x480 


Audio Ads:

Anghami is the 1st and only provider across MENA to offer you the chance to user the power of AUDIO ADS while benefiting from advanced targeting capabilities.

  • An Audio Ad can be a maximum of 30 seconds
  • All Audio Ads are served with a companion image allowing a better CTA  


Video Ads:

PreRolls on Anghami serve across MUSIC Videos and prior to the start of any playlist. Ads duration is 30 seconds max and are non skippable allowing 100% completion rate.  


Branded Playlist:

Sponsor a playlist that contains up to 30 songs that reflects your brands tone or activity. 


Brand Page:

A dedicated hub for your brand offering different playlists to reach a higher SOV of Anghami's audience ; Page can also include brand videos and product links . 


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