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🆕 Student Offer – Save 50%

Here at Anghami, we’re huge supporters to students, and everyone involved in education and of course MUSIC. For that reason, we made this special offer for YOU!

This offer is made available to students who meet our conditions below. the eligible users are entitled to receive a 50% discount on the monthly subscription price of Anghami Plus. With Anghami Plus subscription, you will be able to download with no limits for all your favorite songs and you will remove ads totally. 

To activate the offer, you must login on our website and link your valid educational email .edu to your account and validate that you still own it.  


 Terms & Conditions:

  • This offer is not available for users who are connecting from Lebanon, Jordan & Egypt 
  • This offer is only available for eligible users * conditions apply 
  • No trial available on Student Offer
  • The payment methods available for this offer are by Credit Card, Google Play or iTunes
  • Refund policy is not applicable for this offer
  • Your education email will be revalidated once every 12 months
  • Anghami has the right at any time to stop this offer without prior notice
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