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Playlists are collections of songs you can build for every mood, event. Want to put together an epic gym mix or your favorite romantic songs? How about sharing your best songs  with your best friend or your lover? Playlists are for you. the only limit is your imagination.


Create your playlist

  1. Start with a song you want in the playlist.
  2. Tap on the + icon to see add to playlist option 
  3. Tap Create new playlist
  4. Name your playlist

To get to your new playlist, tap My Music > Playlists. You'll see all of your playlists listed.


Share your playlist

  1. Tap on the + icon to see share  option 
  2. choose to whom you want to share

 You can share the playlist with your followers, via email, SMS, or other social networks you have installed on your device.

Delete a playlist

Sometimes you have to start fresh and get rid of old playlists you don't use anymore.

  1. Tap My Music > Playlists
  2. Press on the menu icon on top 
  3. Tap the delete icon 
  4. Tap OK.
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