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⌸ Subscriptions with Prepaid Cards (Lebanon)

1. Where can I buy prepaid cards for Anghami Plus subscriptions? 
You can buy a prepaid voucher for Anghami Plus from Cash United, BoB Finance, LibanPost, Whish Money, Class and Toters.
2. What are the available Anghami Plus cards? 
The available Anghami Plus cards are:
  • 1 month
  • 6 months
  • 12 months
  • Family plan 1 month
  • Family plan 12 months
3. How can I redeem the voucher?
After purchasing your card, you can redeem the promo code on your Anghami account as below: 
From the website: 
1- Login to your account on the Anghami website:
2- Enter the Promo code you have and Confirm
From your mobile app: 
1- From your app, go to Your Library > Settings
2- Press on redeem promo code
3- Enter the Promo code you have and Confirm
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