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➥ Refer-A-Friend Program

Share your love for Anghami and get rewarded. 

With our Refer-A-Friend Program, you get rewarded for bringing 3 friends or family members to 



■ Who can participate in the Refer-A-Friend Program?

Anyone who has an active Anghami account can participate in the Refer a Friend Program.

You can only refer new users - existing account holders will not be approved and not be count.

You can refer as many friends as you want! You will earn 1 month of Anghami Plus for 3 friends you refer that signs up for Anghami. 


■ How do I get started with Refer-A-Friend?

To begin sending out referrals, you need to sign in to your Anghami account and start inviting

You can share your link with friends via Facebook, Twitter, or a direct share link. 


■ What do my friends need to do so that I can get my reward?

When your friends receive your invitation email which contains a link, they have to click on it and they will be redirected to Anghami to register an account. Once 3 of your referees have signed up, 1 month of Anghami Plus will be added to your account instantly. 

Please note that your friends must use the link that you specifically provided them so we can associate them with your referral


■ I haven't received my reward! Who do I contact about this?

We're happy to help anytime but before contacting us, please prepare the below: 

  • Your registered email which you used to invite your friends from
  • The 3 friends' emails that you are sure they signed up using your invitation link 
  • The 3 friends' names as they show on Facebook 
Once you collect those details, please write us on Support@Anghami.com 
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