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➥ Anghami Plus FREE trial

This section provides information related to various questions about Anghami Plus free trial, eligibility criteria, billing, and account management.

  1. How can I initiate a 30-day Anghami Plus Free Trial?

To start your free trial, you can follow these steps: a) Go to the Anghami menu and click on "Subscribe to Anghami Plus" b) Select the option for a free trial c) Provide your billing information and confirm

During the trial period, you can download unlimited songs and listen to them offline. To avoid getting charged after the trial period, you can stop the auto-renewal of Anghami Plus.

  1. Who is eligible to receive the Anghami Plus free trial?

The free trial is exclusively for new members. If you've already used the trial in the past, your account won't be eligible for it again.

  1. Will I be charged during the Anghami trial period?

No, your first 30 days of Anghami Plus are free of charge.

  1. What happens after the Anghami Plus free trial?

Once the trial period ends, you'll be automatically billed every month for your subscription. As a subscriber, you'll have unlimited downloading and an ad-free experience. However, you can cancel your subscription at any time during the free trial period to avoid being charged.


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