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Anghami is Offline

To troubleshoot this problem, we kindly request you to follow the below easy steps:
  •  Force Offline Mode
First, we need to check the feature Force Offline Mode in Anghami Settings is OFF
To do so, go to Anghami Settings> Force Offline Mode> OFF. 
  • Switch Internet connection
When Anghami mode turns to Offline, this means that your are not connected to an internet connection or it is very slow to connect to our servers. In case you are using 3G, please switch to WIFI, your 3G bandwidth might not be enough to stream songs.
  • Reboot devices
In case connecting to WIFI or 3G doesn't let Anghami connect properly, please restart your phone and/or the router, perhaps the sessions you have opened, are not working. 
If this problem persists, please contact us.


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