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📱 Saudi Arabia - Subscriptions with Zain

You can subscribe to Anghami Plus directly from your Zain line  and it will give you 1 week for FREE then you will be charged 0.85 SR/daywith 5 GB internet data dedicated to Anghami 


■ Here’s HOW to subscribe to Anghami Plus using your Zain line: 

⇒  By SMS:



  1. Send 1 to 702770 
  2. You need to connect to Anghami using the 3G Network (no Wifi) to activate your subscription

And you're good to go! Enjoy your full Anghami experience

⇒   From Anghami     
  1. From Anghami Menu> Subscribe to Anghami Plus
  2. Choose Zain as payment method 
  3. Confirm payment 
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