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➥ Subscriptions with Google Play - Pay by Google Wallet

This section contains answers for those Questions:    
  1. What is Anghami Plus? 
  2. How much is Anghami Plus?
  3. Can i try out Anghami Plus for FREE? 
  4. How do i subscribe to Anghami Plus? 
  5. How do i cancel my subscription?


1.   What is Anghami Plus?  
Anghami Plus gives you unlimited access to all of our features. 

With an active Unlimited subscription, you’ll get:

  • Unlimited downloads: you can download as much music as will fit on to your mobile device. 
  • No ads: listen to your music without any interruptions 
2.    How much is Anghami Plus?    
Anghami Plus is a  monthly subscription and it will cost you $4.9 /month 
3.   Can i try out Anghami Plus for FREE before committing?        
Of course you can!  First time Anghami subscribers will get a 7-day trial of Anghami Plus. At the end of this trial, you will be billed a monthly rate for your subscription. 
4. How do i subscribe to Anghami Plus?  
■ Subscribe from your device: 
1- From Anghami Menu > Subscribe to Anghami Plus
2- Choose Google Play as your payment method 
3- Enter your Billing details 
4- Confirm payment
5.   How do i cancel my subscription?       
You can revert your  Anghami  account to FREE anytime you want. To do this: 
■ Cancel subscription from your device:
1. Log in to Anghami with your account 
2. Go to Anghami Menu> Settings
3. Hit the Anghami Plus will renew in X days
4. Press Manage Account 
5. Click on Opt-out subscription  
■ Cancel subscription from your computer:
1. Go to  from a computer.
2. Log in to your account  
3. Click on Manage subscriptions> Opt Out subscription 
Once the auto-renewal is stopped for your subscription, you won't be billed again. 
Your subscription will remain active till the end of your current billing cycle. 

⚑ If you subscribed through a third party, you need to manage your subscription directly with them.  Learn more about this here:


  • Manage Account > How to manage your subscription with Google Play
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