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About Anghami Music Rights

Anghami's catalog includes millions of songs, albums, and playlists, across over a dozen languages, and it's growing every day. We work directly with labels and distributors to bring you the biggest selection of music available, as fast as possible.

Yet, from time to time, you may discover tracks or albums on Anghami that are disabled, greyed out, or not available for listening. There are a variety of reasons this can happen, this might be down to contracts or not yet having been reached with the artist or their record label, or due to changes in ownership.  If the record label or management decided to change digital distributors, then the song may become unavailable until the songs are delivered from the new distributor. We are adding thousands of albums and artists every day, so if an artist is not currently present they may well be appear, or reappear, on Anghami shortly.   

If you believe a song should be available in your country and it is not, please suggest it by sending us an email to or by contacting us from the mobile application / Your library / settings / Help center / Contact Us.

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