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Connect via Bluetooth or by cable

You can play Anghami music with your car’s speakers wherever you are.

There are a variety of ways to connect your smartphone to your car speakers. The method that you choose to connect will be dependent on the stereo and speaker system that is available in your car.

Below are directions on connecting your device to your car speakers:  
  1. Newer vehicles may have Bluetooth capability. Pair your phone to the car’s Bluetooth and start playing your favorite music on Anghami  
  2. If the vehicle does not have Bluetooth, you can  purchase a Bluetooth adapter kit  and have it installed. This will allow you to connect directly to your vehicle’s stereo and speaker system. 
  3. Your vehicle may come with an  auxiliary input.  If it does, you can connect directly to your vehicle using a headphone jack. Plug the jack into the AUX input of your car to connect your device. 


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