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★ Using Anghami on iPhone & iPod

Everything you need to know about using Anghami on your iPhone & iPod: 

  1. Home
  2. Search 
  3. My Music
  4. Settings
  5. The Player 
  6. Options
  7. Profile
  8. Radios
  9. Friends
  10. Radar


1. Home

Find the music you loveDiscover new tracks. Explore!

On the Home screen you will be able to:

 Go to the Main Menu

  1. Filter your Explore screen (Arabic, International or Arabic & International)
  2. Collapse and expand the player
  3. Like /unlike the playing song
  4. Quick Play or Pause the song

2. Search Music

This place lets you search Anghami Music Library based on Song, Album or Artist or browse playlists by mood, theme, style, genre and more with our Personal DJ

The search bar is located at the top of Search screen. Type the name of what you’re looking for— your results will be sorted by Artists, Songs, Albums, Playlists.


3. My Music

From the Main Menu screen, you can access everything. You will be able to: 

  1. Access Your Profile
  2. Change App Settings
  3. Manage your downloads
  4. Find the songs you Liked
  5. Manage your Playlists
  6. Manage your followed artists 
  7. Check your video expressions
  8. Find recommended songs for your followed artists
  9. Access the recently played songs
  10. Check our FAQs and contact the Help Center

4. Settings

You use the Settings screen to change options that affect the app behaviour.  

On the Settings screen you will be able to: 

  1. Subscribe to Anghami Plus
  2. Manage your Subscription
  3. Use the app in Offline mode
  4. Choose which connection to use to download
  5. Synchronize your downloads with other devices if existing
  6. Change your app Language
  7. Choose how Arabic songs show
  8. Connect to Facebook and publish your songs
  9. Tweet your songs on your Twitter Timeline
  10. Scrobble your songs on
  11. Crossfade between songs
  12. Shuffle songs when shaking the device
  13. Allow auto play when connected to Bluetooth or Lightning cable
  14. Enable/disable Push notifications
  15. Choose to hide explicit songs
  16. Socialize with Anghami
  17. Suggest a song or artist
  18. Reset tooltips
  19. Clear cache
  20. About Anghami
  21. Connect to another device
  22. Change Password
  23. Change Email 
  24. Signout 


5. The Player  

On the Player screen you will be able to: 

  1. Collapse the player
  2. Total Likes on the song
  3. Add this song to your Likes 
  4. Play Previous song
  5. Play / Pause song
  6. Play Next song
  7. Options
  8. Repeat song
  9. Progress slider 
  10. Shuffle songs
  11. Total Plays of the song
  12. Download current song
  13. Share current song


 6. Options

 On the Options screen you will be able to: 

  1. Close Options screen
  2. Total Likes of the song
  3. Like or Unlike the song
  4. Download song for Offline listening
  5. Add this song to a Playlist
  6. Share this song with others
  7. Play Next song 
  8. Play this artist Radio
  9. Go to the Artist's page
  10. Go to this song's Album
  11. Show Lyrics of the song 


7. Profile

  • Access App settings
  • Check FAQ and contact Help Center
  • Follow a user
  • View the number of followers
  • Edit Profile
  • Share
  • View User ID
  • Check the video expressions
  • View Most Played Songs
  • Go to your followed artists pages
  • Check recent Radios
  • View Recently Played songs
  • Access the followed playlists
  • Go to My Playlists
Edit Profile
  • Choose your kind of music by picking your artists
  • Change your Name/Family name
  • Edit description
  • Change your Birthday
  • Make your profile as private

8. Radios

Start a Radio based on your favourite song, artist or genre and we'll play all the songs based on your taste.


9. Friends 

  • Add Friends on Anghami by name or email
  • Check your friends on Anghami
  • See Fun Video expressions
  • See your friend’s Top songs

10. Radar

Radar helps you identify the music by listening to it. If you don't know the title of the song you are listening to, you will be able to identify it in a matter of seconds by using Radar. Not only can you identify music but you can also *add* it to your likes, download it directly or view the lyrics if you are on Anghami Plus

All the identified music will be added in a playlist called ' Your Radar songs' 
To identify the song
go to Search and tap on the icon next to the search field and let the Radar listen and discover this song for you! 
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