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➥ Follow Artists

Have you ever missed a new album release by one of your favorite artists, only to discover it weeks later by accident? Anghami offers a convenient solution that saves you time and ensures you don't miss any new releases. With this feature, you will receive push notifications when new songs or albums are added to the artist's profile.

■ How do I start following artists in Anghami?

To start following an artist on Anghami, new users can add artists to their follow list after signing in for the first time. For existing users, you will automatically start following all the artists you've listened to frequently in the app. Alternatively, you can manually follow an artist by tapping the 'Follow' button on their page, which also enables you to view their stories.

■  How do I stop receiving notifications about an artist’s new releases and albums?
If you prefer to turn off push notifications for an artist's new releases or albums, simply unfollow them by clicking on the 'Following' button on their page and confirming the action. The button will then change to 'Follow', indicating that you are no longer following that artist. 
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