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➥ Troubleshooting Anghami on iOS

The steps below solve most of the issues you might face with Anghami iOS app. 

After every step we need you to test the app, it may resolve the issue that you are currently experiencing. 

1.  Completely turn off your device and turn it back on
2.  Check for an app update in the app store, you might be using an old version. 
3.  Sign out of the app and log in again:

       1. Go to Your library > Settings in the app.
       2. Tap Sign Out

4.  Force close the app:

  • Press the home button once on the iOS device to close Anghami 
  • Press the home button twice to show background apps and swipe up the Anghami app

5.  Ensure there is some free space by checking iOS Settings > About > Available.
6.  Switch between WiFi, cell, & airplane mode.
7.  Uninstalling & reinstalling the app may fix your problem. 

Your Likes and playlists are safe, but your downloaded songs will be removed. you can at any time restore all your previous downloaded songs by going to your downloads playlist > tapping on the 3 dots on the top right > songs on other devices and downloading them

     1.  Press & hold the app icon
     2.  When the icons shake, tap the "X"
     3.  Tap Delete

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