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Everything you need to know about Anghami

Anghami - Music. Unlimited  is a new digital music application that offers listeners in the world unlimited Arabic & International music (Restrictions may apply based on country) to stream and download. Anghami provides you with millions of songs at your fingertips, to enjoy on your device. 

Anghami is 100% legal. We have licensing agreements with every major music label and thousands of independent labels and distributors to provide our listeners with legal access to a vast catalog of music.



■ The largest music catalog to stream, download and play offline 

All users can listen to millions of Arabic tracks.
Users in the Middle East can also enjoy International tracks from the major labels, EMI, Warner, Sony, and Universal.    Check our music partners


■   Download to your device 

Carry your music with you and listen anywhere, even when offline.  
Unlimited downloads to keep you tuned when there is not internet or 3G connectivity 

■ Discover New Music

  • Anghami’s Surprise Me feature introduces you to tracks you might like based on your taste
  • My Personal DJ gets you playlists to match your mood & activity

■ Socialize with your friends

  • Share songs and playlists with your Anghami friends and on social networks
  • Subscribe to playlists by your favorite artists

■ Listen in best audio quality

  • Our music comes in pure Dolby sound; top quality at low data usage



Anghami is compatible with: 


  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Web (in-browser Webplayer)



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