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➥ Rating Anghami on your Application store

We hope you are enjoying Anghami app on your device! 

Our team is working on a daily basis to provide you with the best music content, technical and support services. In order to improve our app, we take into consideration user feedback in reviews on application stores. But before rating or reviewing Anghami on your application store, we recommend you to take note of the below tips.


⚫  Before submitting a review related to a technical issue:
  • Please include your Anghami email address in your review with details about the issue that you are facing to be able to contact you.
  • OR send us an email to Support@Anghami.com from the email address you registered with on Anghami to be able to investigate the issue further.


⚫ If you already submitted your review:

 Please send us an email to Support@Anghami.com from your Anghami email address with a screenshot of your review to contact you as soon as possible.


⚠ Note: 

Your application store does not provide any detail about you. For this reason, we recommend that you include your registered email in your review. 


⚑ Learn more about to rate and review our apps from THE BASICS:   

  • How to rate and review your iPhone app? 
  • How to rate and review your Android app?
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