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➥ Using Anghami Help Center inside the app

Get instant Help with Anghami Help Center inside the app!  

We've got answers to hundreds of questions. If you did not find a solution to your question in the FAQs, hit Contact us and fill out our form. Upon submitting the request you will receive an auto-confirmation message. Most requests are answered in less than an hour (during business day) or within 2 business days (not in a business day).
Our support hours are weekdays between 9 am and 5 pm GMT+2
1. Using Search: 

To use search, type in a keyword and hit enter on your keyboard. After you hit enter you will see a list of results based on what you searched for. 

2. Browse All FAQs by topic: 

Click on the desired section on the home page to find your answers.

3. Contact Us

If you did not find the answer that you were looking for, don't worry! Hit Contact us and write us about your problem. Anghami Help Center is here to give you the best assistance.

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