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➥ Using Anghami on Sonos

Everything you need to know about using Anghami on Sonos: 


  1. How to setup Anghami with my Sonos system? 
  2. What Features are available with Anghami on Sonos?


Connect Anghami to your Sonos music system to play music anywhere in the house. 

Use your controller to find Anghami in the ‘More Music’ menu, sign in and start playing instantly.

You will ONLY be able to connect your Sonos and Anghami accounts if you are subscribed to Anghami Plus. 


1. How to Setup Anghami with my Sonos system? 

Before you start your Sonos setup with Anghami, you have to download the Sonos controller to your device. You can download it directly from Sonos website. 

➤ Setup Anghami with Sonos Controller for PC or Mac: 

  1. From the Manage menu, select Service Settings. 
  2. Click the Add (PC) or + (Mac).                                                                                             
  3. Select Anghami and then click Next.
  4. Select "I already have an account" and then click Next.
  5. Enter your Anghami login in details and click Next.
  6. After your login has been verified you can select Anghami as your music source and start making your musical selections.

➤ Setup Anghami with your Android or iOS device.

  1. From the Music menu, select More Music
  2. Select Anghami 
  3. Select I already have an account
  4. Enter your Anghami log in details
2. What Features are available with Anghami on Sonos?
This great partnership between Anghami and Sonos creates an awesome music experience  for you in your home!   Your Sonos system will only be able to connect to Anghami if you have an Anghami Plus Subscription.


Features available with Anghami on Sonos: 


o Browse our catalog by Artists, Songs, Albums  

New songs just for you

o Play the songs we've picked for you based on your music taste

Editor's choice

o Explore and discover new songs our editor picked for you!  

Artist Radios
o Explore the largest catalog of  artists radios on Anghami  

Personal DJ
o Browse our playlists by filtering them based on your activity and mood. 
My Likes    
o Access the songs that you’ve favorited on  Anghami 
My Playlists 

o Listen to your playlists and playlists you’ve followed. 

User Profile 
o See what your friends are listening to right this moment 
o View by who you’re following and who’s following you 


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